Uber Cab Service First Time in Pakistan Pick and Drop on Phone Call or Book Online

A new cab service has been launched in Islamabad which is more affordable than all other cab services. This new Cab Service is Uber. Uber was already present in the middle-east and Europe, even America. After the success of Careem in Pakistan, Uber planned to launch their service here too. And it is a new service but is gaining quick success.

Previously, critics said that such service will not work in Pakistan, but the success of Careem and other radio cabs nullified that prediction. Uber is going to revolutionize Pakistan’s transport system. Now people can order a car to pick them up wherever they need, at the fares are very reasonable. And the ride is far more comfortable than local yellow black green cabs.

The fares of Uber are far less than that of Careem, which is attracting attention. But the fares are expected to go up after Uber would have made good number of customers. But still, these fares are expected to be less than Careem’s fares. And the fares of Careem are still considered very reasonably, so, Uber is going to be a treat.

Safety precautions by Uber for the Uber drivers go through the following steps:

  1. People who want to be Uber drivers signup online
  2. Drivers are asked to submit their identification information, which is verified by Uber
  3. Once everything is checked out, potential drivers are asked to provide a character certificate, signed by police station and other authorities
  4. Lastly, every driver goes through three different training programs — including sexual harassment seminar — to properly get to know about treating customers in a professional manner

Uber Car types:

Uber is currently offering its UberGo vehicles in Pakistan, that include: Suzuki Swifts, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Corollas, Honda Civics or equivalent. More luxurious cars with UberBlack and UberLUX will be offered later.

Uber Cab Service First Time in Pakistan Pick and Drop on Phone Call or Book Online

Uber Cab Service First Time in Pakistan Pick and Drop on Phone Call or Book Online

Standard Uber Pricing:

  • Base Fare: 100 PKR
  • Cancellation: 150 PKR
  • Minimum Fare: 150 PKR
  • Per KM: 13.7 PKR
  • Per minute: 3.7 PKR

So if you are planning to go from location A to location B with a road distance of 10 kilometers, then here’s how you will be charged:

  • Base Fare: Rs. 100
  • Per KM charge: Rs. 13.7 x 10 = Rs. 137
  • Per Minute Charge (supposing that ride took you 30 minutes): Rs. 3.7 x 30 = 111
  • Total Estimated Charge: Rs. 100 + Rs. 137 + Rs. 111 = Rs. 348

For more updates on new things in Pakistan, keep visiting us. Go and grab a free first ride with Uber. You will surely enjoy the comfortable ride. We will bring you more news regarding Uber soon. So, stay with us and get to know what’s next. We will help you decide what better for you.

Uber Cab Service First Time in Pakistan

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