If we are talking about the life savior for the people of Pakistan than for them is Careem. Careem is one of the most leading transportation app in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan faced a great issue of transportation and employment lately.  But Careem has almost solved the issue. The people faced the unplanned transportation system with bare enforcement of any rule from the book, noisily buzzing bus horns, one wheeling motorcyclists, never compromising and ever so pugnacious drivers. The multinational company has now come up and made the life of Pakistan’s people much easier.

Careem is now the most successful transportation service in Pakistan. The company have been operation successfully in the middle east since 2012. The three major cities of Pakistan in the October of 2023 and has been running successfully since then. The people can make the car booking easily and the car will be available on their door step

Careem provides cabs  which can be booked by using three different methods:

  • Via Careem App
  • Via Careem Website
  • Via Careem Hotline

You have to see that how you want to travel. The Careem has a distinguished fleet, comprising of top cars from various renowned vendors. Careem provides with 2 different categories of cars, which can be booked for use:

  • Business Class
  • Economy Class

Apart from this, Careem has two basic booking options:

  • Book for now
  • Book for later


  •  Economy : (Base Fare= 100 Rs.) + (Per KM Fare= 18 Rs.) + (Waiting[If any] Per Minute Fare= 3.33 Rs.) **Minimum fare for the ride 200 Rs.
  •  Business : (Base Fare= 150 Rs.) + (Per KM Fare= 25 Rs.) + (Waiting[If any] Per Minute Fare= 4 Rs.) **Minimum fare for the ride 250 Rs.


  • Economy : (Base Fare= 200 Rs.) + (Per KM Fare= 18 Rs.) + (Waiting[If any] Per Minute Fare= 3.33 Rs.) **Minimum fare for the ride 350 Rs.
  • Business : (Base Fare= 350 Rs.) + (Per KM Fare= 25 Rs.) + (Waiting[If any] Per Minute Fare= 4 Rs.)
    **Minimum fare for the ride 200 Rs.

How to Book A Car Ride on Careem in Any City of Pakistan

Careem Latest Pick and Drop Service First Time in Pakistan Book a Cab Online or On Phone Call

Mostly the cars in the business class are usually corollas. The economy class has a variety of cars ranging from Mira to Cultus to the Suzuki swift.Now bookings, are done right at the time when the car is required. Whereas, a later booking is a commitment by Careem would reach the door step, 15 minutes before the desired time. The rough estimate of the fare is given to the people.

How do I book a Careem ride on iOS?


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