Best Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer Season in Pakistan

There is nothing worse than a hot, stuffy car in the summer. We are bringing here to our user all about Best Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer Season in Pakistan. You may enjoy spending time outdoors during the summer months, but the heat and sun can make driving around intolerable, as your car may feel like an oven when you get in and take what feels like an eternity to cool down to a comfortable temperature.

The most expensive option is to look into buying a car with a parked car ventilation system if you don’t already have one. A ventilation system that kicks on when the car is parked can reduce the interior temperature significantly, lessening the load on the air-conditioning system.

Best Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer Season in Pakistan

Best Tips to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer Season in PakistanTips To DO

  1. Park in the shade

Try to park you vehicle in the shade and prevent from under the sun shine it makes it hot and create problem for you.

  1. Use a window visor

You should consider getting a window visor to put in your windshield. Otherwise if you have tinted windows that protect the vehicle’s interior from UV lighting, then way to go.

  1. Cover your seats

Leather is wonderful because it is comfortable and easy to clean, but it also collects heat. When you are not in your car, leave a blanket on them so the sunlight doesn’t reach them. So cover your cars seats in summer.

  1. Use the air conditioner

The AC run while you are driving will not only make you more at ease, but also keep the car more calm and cool in hot season of summer.

  1. Shun the sun

If you have not find the shade to park you cars and also left the window shades at home than park the car’s front away from sun, it makes front seats and steering wheel cool and useable.

  1. Circulate some air

While using you vehicle in the summer season if you feel that your car is hot you can window vents because you can crack them and not worry about rain getting in the car.

  1. Re-purpose damp pool towels

Take the towels your kids used at the pool in the morning and cover the car’s seats with them. This simultaneously cools the seats and dries the towels.

  1. Cold check

Be sure your car’s air-conditioning system has enough refrigerant and use the system’s recirculating button for maximum coldness

  1. Go to the dark side

Make your cars windows tint this method is costly but effective in summer season.

  1. Be cool

Use aftermarket seat pads with cooling crystals or gel; some pads can be plugged into the car’s 12-volt outlet.

Maybe when you drive you are one to wave your arm out of the window, or one to wear mirror shades so you look fully in control. But no matter your fashion or style, what is most important is that you not only look cool, but that your car feels cool as well. Keep in touch with us and check the all other tips for drivers and vehicle owners on our site.

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