Acson AC Air Conditioner Specifications Images with Price Power Wattage

There is a technology named negative ion generator involved in it that increases the negative ion in the air conditioning area, creating more refreshing environment. We are giving the complete details about AC Price by Split Size Hybrid Thermal DC Solar. As the very name suggests, the air conditioning, aircon or AC technology refers to the modification in the condition of air. So, you can say that it is a form of technological cooling, ventilation, heating, disinfection or freezing that modifies the condition and properties of air.

Acson AC Air Conditioner Specifications Images with Price Power Wattage

Air Conditioner AC All Companies Price by Split Size Hybrid Thermal DC SolarAll Latest Models & Prices

  • Acson A5WMY15LR 1 Ton DC Inverter Rs. 85,500
  • Acson A5WMY18LR 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Rs. 114,000
  • Acson A5WMY20JR Inverter 1.6 Ton Heat & Cool Rs. 119,000
  • Acson A5WMY25JR Inverter 2.0 Ton Heat & Cool Rs. 129,000
  • Acson ALC15C / AWM15J 1 Ton Rs. 48,500
  • Acson ALC18C / AWM20J 1.5 Ton Rs. 65,500
  • Acson ALC18CR / AWM20J 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Rs. 73,500
  • Acson ALC20CR / AWM20JR 1.6 Ton Heat & Cool Rs. 78,000
  • Acson ALC25C / AWM25J 2 Ton Rs. 75,500
  • Acson ALC25CR / AWM25J 2 Ton Heat & Cool Rs. 84,500
  • Acson AWM15N / ALC15CR Heat and Cool 1 Ton Rs. 55,000
  • Acson AWM15N / ALC15C Cool Only 1 Ton Rs. 48,000
  • Acson AWM20N / ALC18CR Heat and Cool 1.5 Ton Rs. 72,000
  • Acson AWM20N / ALC18C Cool Only 1.5 Ton Rs. 65,000
  • Acson AWM20N / ALC20CR Heat and Cool 1.6 Ton Rs. 74,000
  • Acson AWM20N / ALC20C Cool Only 1.6 Ton Rs. 67,000
  • Acson AWM25N / ALC 25CR Heat and Cool 2 Ton Rs. 83,000
  • Acson AWM25N / ALC 25C Cool Only 2 Ton Rs. 76,000
  • Acson ACK 25E / ALC 25C 2 Ton Ceilling Cassette Rs. 127,000
  • Acson ACK 50E / ALC 50D 4 Ton Ceilling Cassette Rs. 199,000

If you look at them on the ceiling, they look amazing with large grill and a regulator to swing the cool air at 180 degree. Some more attractive features include better serviceability, auto random start after the power supply hot keep cycle for heating purposes and an option of fan stop or fan run at specific intervals, self diagnosis, NIM-Able to communicate with the network control module. Keep in touch with us to check the latest updates about AC and all other electronics appliances rates and prices.

AC Air Conditioner

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