Solar Water Heater / Geyser Price In Pakistan Features Specs Images Reviews

Indirect solar geysers are not as efficient as direct geyser systems, as the pipes are only able to heat a small volume of water at a time; pipes are also relatively narrow, so tanks take longer to fill. However, they retain heat longer than direct systems.

These solar geysers also last longer than direct geysers because they don’t freeze the anti-freezing solution is also non-corrosive, which extends the life of all geyser components. Solar geyser systems and tanks of all sizes are available suit all of your hot water needs for use in routine life.

Solar Water Heater / Geyser Price In Pakistan Features Specs Reviews

Solar Water Heater / Geyser Price In Pakistan Features Specs Images ReviewsSolar Water Heater/ Geyser Available

Model Area Tubes Size Weight(kg)
TZ47/1600 1.43 14 90 ltr 55
TZ47/1600 1.61 15 120 ltr 58
TZ47/1600 1.72 18 150 ltrs 66
TZ47/1600 2.21 24 200 ltrs 82

Features Solar Water Heater / Geyser:

  • Cold water can be rapidly heated
  • Adopting direct exchanging heat mode, this solar hot water heater can offer enough hot water for you based on requirements.
  • Suitable area: daily needs for hot water of varied families
  • Simple and convenient to use: adopting the state-of-the-art design and high efficient pre-heated patent technique, this solar hot water heater can quickly warm cold water as it flows through special pipe.
  • More capacity: due to the adoption of special exchanging heat mode, mixed effect can be avoided.
  • Strong hydraulic pressure
  • Environment friendly: use solar energy to provide water heating, pollution-free
  • Easy operation: can supply water automatically

Do your bit for the environment and save thousands of Rand today by switching to solar water heating. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to check the status. Keep in touch with us to get the latest rates and prices here on this page.

Solar Water Heater / Geyser

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