How to Payoneer Money Withdrawal in Pakistan Using ATM Machine

Payoneer is an Internet-based financial service that offered you prepaid MasterCard debit cards. So you can receive & send the fund from your Payoneer card. Mostly companies like Fiver, Odesk also provide you the fund into your Payoneer card. The per-transaction limit depends on the machine. Most MCB machines, all Samba and all SCB machines allow users to withdraw Rs. 20,000 per transaction.

We are providing here the all related information’s about How to Payoneer Money Withdrawal in Pakistan Using ATM Machine. So the next question is that you can get the cash for Payoneer dollars without going to ATM machine and paying heavy fees.

How to Payoneer Money Withdrawal in Pakistan Using ATM Machine

How to Payoneer Money Withdrawal in Pakistan Using ATM MachineWithdraw Cash Procedure

  • Your Payoneer card can be used in thousands of locations across Pakistan
  • You can withdraw money from selected ATM machines all over Pakistan.
  • Keep reading for list of Payoneer ATMs in Pakistan
  • View this list of MasterCard ATMs in Pakistan. Make sure you look out for the MasterCard LOGO  on the machine before you insert your card
  • Read on to see Payoneer ATM limit in Pakistan
  • Remember that all transactions in Pakistani ATM machines are done in Pakistani Rupees.
  • Remember: DO NOT CHECK ATM BALANCE FROM THE ATM but to check it online. Most machines in Pakistan do not support checking of balance of MasterCard cards, and your card could get stuck if you try.
  • You can also use your Payoneer MasterCard debit card at any shop, petrol pump or restaurant that accepts MasterCard payments. All big stores etc accept this method of payment.
  • You must enter in the AMOUNT IN RUPEES after converting the dollar amount that is in your card. You can only withdraw in rupees and not in dollars in Pakistan.

Avid followers of this blog, if there are any, will already know that Payoneer is a payment solution company that issues Prepaid MasterCard Debit Cards to freelancers and other people receiving income from foreign countries. Keep in touch with us to get the latest updates about these related topics here on this page.

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