Alpina has the mission always been to manufacture extremely reliable professional sports watches, respecting and implementing the “Alpinist Principle” in manufacturing, design and technological innovation. Our work is deeply inspired by the legacy of our visionary founder, Gottlieb Hauser.

They are committed to producing extremely robust sport watches that perform to the highest precision and with the greatest reliability in the most demanding situations. We are publishing here the complete details about Alpina Sailing Yacht Timer Gents/Men Watches Products Price & Specs in Pakistan.

Alpina Sailing Yacht Timer Gents/Men Watches Products Price & Specs in Pakistan

Alpina Sailing Yacht Timer Gents/Men Watches Products Price & Specs in PakistanAlpina manufactures watches specifically engineered and built to withstand extreme natural environments, especially at high altitudes and great depths. Their functions, materials and usability are purposely designed to ensure that you accomplish your climbing, flying, diving or sailing missions.

Alpiner Collection

  • Automatic GMT-24H AL-550G5AQ6B
  • Automatic GMT-24H AL-550S5AQ6B

Chronograph 4

  • Automatic Chronograph “Race for Water” AL-860AD5AQ6
  • Automatic Chronograph AL-860B5AQ6B
  • Automatic Chronograph AL-860S5AQ6

Manufacture 4

  • Flyback Chronograph AL-760BS5AQ6
  • Flyback Chronograph AL-760BS5AQ6B
  • Flyback Chronograph AL-760SB5AQ6
  • Flyback Chronograph AL-760SB5AQ6B


  • 5mm AL-525B4E6
  • 5mm AL-525N4E6
  • 5mm AL-525S4E3B
  • 5mm AL-525S4E6
  • 5mm AL-525VG4E6


  • Automatic 41.5mm AL-750B4E6B
  • Automatic 41.5mm AL-750N4E6
  • Automatic 41.5mm AL-750S4E6
  • Automatic 41.5mm AL-750SG4E6B
  • Automatic 41.5mm AL-750VG4E6


  • 5mm AL-710S4E6

The customers of Alpina have benefit from continuous technical advances that match the ever-increasing demands of modern sport challenges. Their manufacture is both workshop and hi-tech lab, and Alpina continually invests in state-of-the-art machinery and processes. Keep in touch with us for more updates here on this page.

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