Top 5 Best Woofers Companies in Pakistan Specs Prices & Pics

A woofer is a vernacular expression for loudspeaker driver calculated to manufacture low occurrence sounds, classically. Nearly everyone has widespread design for a woofer is the electrodynamics driver.

Which characteristically uses a inflexible paper conduit single-minded by a voice coil which is delimited by a compelling field. The voice coil is friendly by cement to the flip side of the speaker cone. The voice coil and magnet form a linear electric motor.

Top 5 Best Woofers Companies in Pakistan Specs Prices & Pics

Top 5 Best Woofers Companies in Pakistan Specs Prices & PicsCROWN:

Crown Audio, is a producer of audio electronics, and is an additional of Harman International Industries. Here you are given with the fact to the best prices of the woofers that you can get.


It is a British-designed for an unmatched sound, our crop are stunning, pioneering and sublimely engineered. They provide best woffers which will be mentioned at this site along with prices


Audionic is a celebrated brand in the sound trade and verdict the industry by having a foremost distribute. Here we provide you with the prices along with the specifications of the woofers


Lunar Audio Fabrications is relatives owned and activate by way of 15-years of knowledge in re-defining amusement in your home, car, motorcycle or functioning atmosphere. Here you will be given with the prices of the woffers


JBL receive its decades of understanding making speakers and supplementary apparatus for concert halls and other public venues, and uses it to produce audio apparatus for consumers just about the world. Here we enlist the prices of the speakers

The woofers have the technique to build the people keep amused for the unsurpassed way of the people.

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