TCS has achieved many milestones by investing into its business model that continues to grow stronger. Realizing that customer needs and expectations have always been the driving principles in the milestones that TCS has achieved over the years, has resulted in TCS setting new benchmarks to improve the overall quality and standards of the express courier industry.

TCS achievements have led to a case study, undertaken by Harvard Business School in 2003 for ‘International Entrepreneurship’ course of MBA. TCS has been mentioned in the textbooks used by Harvard Business School as a model of highly effective company from the developing world.

TCS Launches New Rates/Charges on Delivery Service in Pakistan Calculate Domestic Price

TCS Launches New Rates/Charges on Delivery Service in Pakistan Calculate Domestic PriceWe are providing here the complete details about TCS Launches New Rates/Charges on Delivery Service in Pakistan Calculate Domestic Price. Direct all our organizational efforts at building upon the existing organizational strengths and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitable growth in the core business.

Express Service Description
Domestic Standard Delivery in day light, Connecting more than 90% destination on overnight
Domestic Red Box Variety of boxes with extra care
Domestic Economy Reliable service at economical rates, with KPI 48 hours plus
Domestic Mehfooz Delivery of valuables with extra protection
Domestic Speedy Delivery of extremely urgent shipments, Same day delivery
Domestic Time Choice Delivery of valuables with extra protection at selected time
Domestic Sunday / Holiday Delivery on Sunday/holiday at designated location
Domestic By Hand Provide extra safety & security to your valuables/fragile shipments
Domestic Selling / Submission Convenience for student to buy and submit admission forms of leading education institutions from TCS-EC
Domestic Fee Collection Convenient fee collection facility for the university students/job seekers
Domestic Attestation Providing attestation services for HEC, MOFA and UAE
Domestic My Collect Providing convenience for the collection of shipment from any near by TCS-EC
Domestic My Return Convenience for shipper for paying return services charges at origin (RE-TURN)

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Diversify into new areas that complement and supplement the core business, with the diversification aimed at achieving excellence and industry leader status in the new areas.

The TCS People will however be encouraged to be open to unconventional ideas and services and recognize new trends at very early stages. Keep in touch with us for all related information’s.

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