How to Get Easypaisa Mobile Account Procedure & Requirements

Easypaisa has announced that money transfer facility between Easypaisa mobile accounts is now free of charge. Meaning that customers having Easypaisa mobile accounts will be able to transfer funds to another Easypaisa mobile account without incurring any service charges.

The subscriber can get Easypaisa Mobile Account service through Telenor connection. Easypaisa Mobile Accounts are actual bank accounts and work just like a normal bank account. We are discussing here the complete details about How to Get Easypaisa Mobile Account Procedure & Requirements.

Step 1: Open your Easypaisa Account:

  • Telenor Subscribers can open an account simply by dialing *786#
  • Non-Telenor Subscribers can open their account by sending ‘EP<space>CNIC number’ to 0345-111-3737.
  • Subscribers will receive a confirmation SMS from 3737 on successful activation of their Easypaisa Account.
  • You can also visit any of the Telenor Franchises, Telenor Sales and Service Centers, Telenor Bank branches or Telenor Bank Sales and Service Centers.
  • To open your mobile account online

Step 2: PIN Creation:                                                             

For Telenor Subscribers:
  • Dial *786#
  • You will be asked to create your 5 digit PIN
  • You will be asked to reenter your 5 digit PIN for reconfirmation
For Non-Telenor Subscribers:

Customer will send “PIN<Space>5-Digits PIN<Space>Confirm 5-Digits PIN” to 0345-1113737

Step 3: Deposit funds in your Easypaisa Account:

You can deposit funds in your Easypaisa Account through:

  • Any of the 75,000 Easypaisa shops
  • Bank transfer from any bank account
  • Money transfer from any Easypaisa Account
  • Customers can now deposit money into thier Easypaisa Account via any VISA/Mastercard card.

Your phone number is your Easypaisa Account number!

  • Weekdays or Weekends, you can make transactions any day, anytime from anywhere. No more travelling, or no more waiting in long queues
  • Secure Encrypted Transactions based on GSM standards and State Bank of Pakistan regulations
  • Dedicated customer helpline 3737 with support available 24/7

You can access your Easypaisa Account from:

  • USSD menu by dialing *786# (for Telenor subscribers only)
  • Easypaisa App
  • SMS interface
  • Phone Banking

How to Get Easypaisa Mobile Account Procedure & Requirements

How to Get Easypaisa Mobile Account Procedure & RequirementsThis service is available only for existing and new Telenor subscribers. Easypaisa Mobile Account can be opened from any Telenor Sales and Service Centers, Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank branch.

Product features

  • Any person with a Telenor SIM can register a Mobile Account; This service is limited to Telenor subscribers
  • Through this service, you can easily bypass the hassle of waiting in long queues, observing the tightly scheduled timings of conventional money transfer modes and also the difficulties of running between places.
  • Easypaisa services are real time online transactions, which make them even more secure and reliable. Our 24/7 help line (345, UAN: 111-345-100) is available for customer queries and problems any time. An instant confirmation SMS is received from 3737 which contains all transaction details
Mobile Account to Mobile Account
Slab Start Slab End Charges*
0 200 6.96
201 500 13.92
501 1,000 23.2
1,001 2,500 46.4
2,501 4,000 69.6
4,001 6,000 92.8
6,001 8,000 116
8,001 10,000 139.2
10,001 13,000 162.4
13,001 16,000 185.6
16,001 20,000 208.8
20,001 25,000 232

Money Transfer (From Mobile Account to CNIC)

 Mobile Account to CNIC
Slab Start Slab End Charges*
0 1,000 46.4
1,001 2,500 92.8
2,501 4,000 139.2
4,001 6,000 185.6
6,001 8,000 232
8,001 10,000 278.4

 Money Transfer (From CNIC to Mobile Account)

Money Transfer (easypaisa shop to Mobile Account)
Slab Start Slab End Charges*
0 1,000 35
1,001 2,500 70
2,501 4,000 105
4,001 6,000 140
6,001 8,000 175
8,001 10,000 210

The new subscriber and existing user can avail the easypaisa Mobile Account in your mobile phones. Easypaisa also offers its mobile account holders to deposit or withdraw cash from their mobile accounts for free.

Easypaisa said that removal of service charges for funds transfer between mobile account is an effort to increase financial inclusion in the country. Keep in touch with us to see more about related topics on this page.

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