Top 5 Jewelry Brands for Women/Ladies in Pakistan Prices

Decide on jewelry is in addition a most important piece of life and in addition one of the most important operating expense of one’s existence. Everyone has its be in possession of preference for ornaments. Various girls feel like profound, traditional jewelry while others show off slender and fashionable designs.

  1. Waseem Jewelers

Waseem jewelers are well thought-out solitary of the unsurpassed Pakistani bridal jewelry designers. They are who construct inclination of modish, matching Pakistani jewellery. She coalesce the eastern and western aim to construct a masterpiece. They have a outsized selection of expensive jewellery.

  1. Mahfooz jewelers

Mahfooz jewelers are an additional open up brand for Pakistani jewelry. They are in market from most recent three decades. Mahfooz jewelers are glowing acknowledged for their artistic hitherto conventional designs and for the superiority gems.

Top 5 Jewelry Brands for Women/Ladies in Pakistan Prices

Top 5 Jewelry Brands for Women/Ladies in Pakistan Prices

  1. Damas Pakistan

Damas Pakistan is an intercontinental jewelry brand of Pakistan. It was set up in 1907 and at this time designing all brand of stylish jewelry among western handle by using gold, diamonds, pearls and gem stones. They have in addition commenced men’s jewelry.

  1. Hanif Jewelers

Hanif jewelers is hitherto a new Christian name in this observe. They have grown the reputation in exceptionally dumpy period of time outstanding to their striking Pakistani bridal jewelry designs. A hefty number of Pakistani celebrities utilize their jewelry.

  1. Shiraz Sami

Shiraz Sami is a very well jewelry designer in Karachi. His astounding and inventive designs are the motivation for his increasing accomplishment.

Now days, trends have been tainted Pakistani jewelry is a amalgamation of eastern and western designs that not lone looks refined and modish but is besides uncomplicated to bring.

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