Lip Color Makeup Tips For Dark Skin and Fair Skins For Girls

Red lips have always been seen as the quintessence of female beauty. Yet lipstick, the classic makeup items, can be difficult to use with flawless results. With so many lipsticks to choose from, women find it daunting to select the best color and texture for their complexion. We are telling our users about Lip Color Makeup Tips for Dark Skin and Fair Skins for Girls.

The choice of the right color can be tricky. Haven’t you made the experience of shopping for a new color and ending up with substantial collections of lipsticks in the same color range and texture of a lipstick matte or gloss, stick or liquid type can dramatically change the finish and impression.

Lip Color Makeup Tips For Dark Skin and Fair Skins For Girls

Lip Color Makeup Tips For Dark Skin and Fair Skins For Girls

Determine Your Skin Tone

  • To determine your skin tone you can wear a white shirt and check that what kind of tone matches with your skin colors.

Assess Your Skin Color

  • Skin ton could be different by Cool or warm shade so you need to assess your skin color

Foundation Base

  • Apply foundation base that exactly matches with the tone of your skin.


  • By applying foundation blush it with brush and make its as its your skin originally looks.

Eye Shadow

  • Choose a color that complements your skin tone and enhances your eye color.


  • Test the lipstick on a sheet of white paper to determine the lipstick’s dominant color.
  • Warm reds and browns or pale warm shades Seems alike champagne are good for warm skin tones.
  • Cool, dark skin types can wear purples, rose, and sheer, pink gloss.
  • Olive skin can choose lipsticks in warm browns, beige, reds and pinks.

The skin’s undertone is the warm, cool, or neutral hue that shows through the surface color of skin.  The surface color of skin changes depending on sun exposure skin conditions like rosaceous hence acne,almost the skins undertone remains consistent. Keep visiting this page and have the all kind of updates here on this page.

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