Mercedes Benz EQS Price in Pakistan:

Are you looking to buy a Mercedes Benz EQS in Pakistan? If so, you’re in luck. The Mercedes Benz EQS is an affordable luxury sedan that has all the features and functions of a much more expensive car at an accessible price point. In this blog post, we will explore the Mercedes Benz EQS price in Pakistan and how it stacks up against other vehicles on the market. We will also provide useful tips and advice to help you get the best deal possible when purchasing this luxurious ride. Read on to learn more!

Mercedes Benz EQS Overview:

The Mercedes Benz EQS is a luxurious all-electric vehicle that’s perfect for anyone looking for an eco-friendly and stylish ride. It has a sleek design, plenty of high-tech features, and impressive performance. Here’s an overview of the EQS so you can decide if it’s the right car for you.

Design: The first thing you’ll notice about the EQS is its unique and eye-catching design. It has a long, low body with smooth curves and a sporty look. The front grille is replaced by a sleek panel, and the headlights are slim and sharp. Inside, the cabin is spacious and modern, with plenty of high-end materials and features.

Performance: The EQS has two electric motors that produces 402 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, and it has a top speed of 130 mph. The battery gives it an impressive range of up to 435 miles on a single charge.

Features: The EQS comes loaded with high-tech features, including standard LED headlights, heated front seats, navigation, hands-free calling, and more. Optional features include massaging front seats, wireless phone charging, rear seat entertainment system, etc.

Price: The starting price for the Mercedes Benz EQS is PKR 7.25 crore.

Mercedes Benz EQS Price:

As the most expensive model in Mercedes’ lineup, the EQS is also the automaker’s first dedicated all-electric vehicle. It boasts a large portrait-oriented infotainment display, a unique steering wheel design, and an air ionizer that produces negative ions to improve air quality in the cabin. Underpinning the EQS is Mercedes’ Modular Electric Architecture (MEA), which will be used for all of its upcoming electric vehicles. The MEA platform enables rapid charging and offers a WLTP-rated range of up to 435 miles.

If you’re looking for an all-electric alternative to the S-Class, the Mercedes Benz EQS is worth considering. It offers plenty of luxurious features and a long driving range, making it a practical choice for those who want to go electric. Prices start at $99,900.

Mercedes Benz EQS Specifications:

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is a full-size luxury sedan that’s set to arrive in Pakistan later this year. It’s the first all-electric vehicle from the German automaker, and it boasts a range of up to 435 miles on a single charge. The EQS is also packed with cutting-edge technology, including an augmented reality head-up display and advanced driver assistance systems.

As for performance, the EQS has two electric motors that produce a combined output of 516 horsepower and 611 pound-feet of torque. This allows the sedan to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. When it comes to recharging, the EQS can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet or a faster 240-volt charger. With the latter, you can get up to 80% of the battery’s capacity in just under 40 minutes.

Mercedes Benz EQS Features:

The new Mercedes Benz EQS is a work of art. It’s a luxurious, high-end car that comes packed with features that make it a true pleasure to drive. Here are just some of the features that make the EQS so special:

-An all-new design: The EQS has an all-new, modern design that is sure to turn heads.

-A luxurious interior: The EQS comes with a luxurious interior that is sure to please.

-Plenty of power: The EQS comes with plenty of power under the hood, making it a joy to drive.

-A smooth ride: The EQS provides a smooth ride thanks to its well-tuned suspension.


The Mercedes Benz EQS is one of the most luxurious vehicles currently available in Pakistan. This impressive car is packed with features that make the driving experience even more enjoyable, and its price tag reflects its quality. It’s certainly a great option for those looking for an exclusive vehicle, but it may not be suitable for everyone due to its high cost. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference when deciding whether or not to purchase this luxury sedan from Mercedes Benz.

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