Honda Civic 2023 Price in Pakistan Specs

If youa re interested to buy the Honda Civic 2023 or want to know about the Honda Civic 2023 Price in Pakistan Specs then you are at the right place because we are providing your detailed information about the Honda Civic 2023 Model Price in Pakistan and its Specs Features and mileage as well. The Interior of the Honda Civic 2023 is designed with top quality materials and useful features. The dashboard is a honeycomb like design. While the steering wheel has been covered with leather.

Honda Civic 2023 Price in Pakistan?

The base model starts at PKR 51.0 – 61.5 lacs* (*Ex-Factory Price)

The seats are constructed of the same material used for touchpoints, and the controls are all designed around a Honda design that is easy to use. The interior is spacious, with a central console and armrests wrapped in leather. The engine’s maximum horsepower has been reduced as well as the torque peak is situated 300 rpm lower than in the prior model.

Honda Civic 2023 Price New Shape

It is expected that the 2023 Honda Civic will be offered in eight exterior colors, and three of them are brand exclusive to the model, including Sonic Gray Pearl and Meteorite Gray Metallic. The interior is sleek and straightforward with a modern minimalist style. The seats in the front are comfortable and come with Honda’s Body Stabilizing Seat method that improves the driver’s convenience during long drives. The materials used inside are efficient. The trim on the center console is made of a high-gloss and scratch-resistant material, which resists fingerprints and gives the look of luxury.

Honda Civic 2023 Latest Price in Pakistan

In 2023, the Honda Civic will have many new standard features. The base model starts at PKR 51.0 – 61.5 lacs* (*Ex-Factory Price), whereas the civic 2023 model average of petrol is 11 to 14 which is best average of the 1.5cc auto transmission engine. The company has put together popular features according to trim levels with a power sunroof. Furthermore, all models are now equipped with features of the Honda Sensing driver-assist system. Alongside the updated adjustable cruise control and the rear cross-traffic warning and rear cross-traffic alert, the Touring and EX are equipped with a premium audio system and an entirely modern instrument cluster.

Honda Civic 2023 Price in Pakistan Specs

In 2023, the Honda Civic is designed to be a low-cost vehicle with all the features and amenities that drivers might desire. It is designed to improve the security and safety of the vehicle, and it also comes with a variety of safety features, making it a perfect option for students and families. If you’re considering buying an all-new vehicle and want to get one in 2023, the Honda Civic is a great starting point. If you’re searching for a brand new car that is up to date, the new Honda includes everything you’ll need to buy a top-quality vehicle. It’s an excellent purchase.

Honda civic 2023 price in Pakistan price specs

The Latest model of Honda Civic is improved in terms of the handling. And comfort of rides and is an ideal car for families. The latest Honda Civic comes with a new 8-inch touchscreen, which gives the driver a great perspective over the roadway ahead. It also offers drivers a more comfortable seating position since seats are higher. This is a practical feature. There’s more room in the rear area than you’ll ever need. A sizeable spare tire is readily available.

Honda Civic 11th generation price in Pakistan

Its 2023 Honda Civic has undergone a total redesign. It features a new style that is sleeker and less complicated. It’s lower and longer, and the hood and rear deck are lowered. The dashboard is a sleek appearance that is more sleek and airy but provides a sense and class. With a 10 inch LCD screen, The 2023 Honda Civic has excellent visibility and an elegant interior. This Honda Civic 2023 is not an art piece but an efficient vehicle.

Honda Civic 2023 Price in Pakistan Specs

Honda Civic 2023 Model Price in Pakistan

Honda Company has just announced that they launch the Honda civic of the 11th generation for Pakistan. The Civic will be available in three versions ranging between 1.5L Turbo M-CVT and 1.8L Turbo LL-CVT. The company has also released the expected prices for the three versions. Honda Civic 2023 car is anticipated to debut on the streets of Pakistan on September 20, 2023; however, the date is not set yet. However, the manufacturer has stated that the vehicle will be on the country’s roads by its launch.

Honda Civic price in Pakistan

The most recent Honda Civic will be available in Pakistan in April 2023 but look over the earlier models if you’re hoping to get one before the time is up. The previous models had prices ranging from 5,099,000 to 6,149,000 in Rs, and the new model is an excellent choice for those with the money to purchase a vehicle. The most expensive model comes in EXi 1.6, which has a maximum cost of 6,149,000+ rupees.

Honda Civic 2023 Model Price in Pakistan

Variants Ex-Factory Price

Honda Civic Standard

1500 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 5,099,000
Get Civic Standard On Road Price

Honda Civic Oriel

1500 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 5,399,000
Get Civic Oriel On Road Price

Honda Civic RS

1500 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 6,149,000
Get Civic RS On Road Price

The latest Honda Civic is an evolution of the Civic model, making it an excellent option for people living in Pakistan. The sleek design of the Civic is designed towards ease of use as well as an uncluttered feeling. It comes with a 9-inch rectangular touchscreen, as well as it has a 10.2-inch touchscreen instrument panel. The interior of the latest car is modern and stylish, with plenty of room for both the driver and passengers. The car will compete against the Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla in Pakistan.

Honda Civic 2023 Specs Price in Pakistan

The most recent Honda Civic is a front-engine sedan with a powerful station. It’s a mid-sized sedan with a new design and added power. The price in Pakistan is different based on the model. The following information can assist you in choosing the best car for your needs. The Honda Civic 2023 specs and pricing in Pakistan. You can pick the most suitable choice based on the specifications and cost of the vehicle.

Honda Civic 2023 type r Price in Pakistan

It’s a mid-range vehicle that has a powerful station. The price of the car in Pakistan is anticipated to be in the region of $41,000. The specifications include the 1.3L Turbo engine capable of producing 150 horsepower. This model is also advertised as a hybrid. The cost of the new Honda Civic 2023 in Pakistan is anticipated to begin at $48,500.

Honda Civic 2023 Price in Pakistan. Honda Civic 2023 Price in Pakistan will be PKR 6,149.00, including tax and other paperwork costs. The Honda Civic car will be made available for purchase in Pakistan shortly, and it will be equipped with a front-wheel-drive with a CVT. When the car is released, it will be updated with prices in Pakistan. The efficiency of its fuel is outstanding compared to other competitors, and it only uses 3.5 G/km of gasoline.

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