Car manufacturers in China, Jiangnan Auto a subsidiary of Zotye Automobile has released a new car in China. The car looks exactly like the Suzuki Mehran but costs several times less. It has been named Jiangnan TT and bears resemblance to our Mehran. We are providing complete details about New China Mehran Online Booking Lookalike Cheapest Car Price in Pakistan PKR 250K Rs.

Jiangnan TT is being called the cheapest car in China and that’s a big achievement considering the tough Chinese market. Suzuki Mehran has been the most sold car in Pakistan for more than a decade. However, the car which has remained the same for more than three decades, costs several times more than the newly revealed Jiangnan TT.

Specs & Features

The Chinese lookalike car, Jaingnan TT has 0.8 liter three-cylinder petrol engine with 36 horsepower output. The top speed of this version is 120 km/hr and 4-speed shift manual.

The car is 3.3 meters in length and 1.4 meters in width in terms of its dimensions, exactly the same dimensions on which the Pakistani Mehran was manufactured.

It can be noted that there are improvements in this version which may include better a mileage (20 km/l), improved interior, optional ABS and powered windows.

New China Mehran Online Booking Lookalike Cheapest Car Price in Pakistan PKR 250K Rs

New China Mehran 2023 Online Booking Lookalike Cheapest Car Price in Pakistan PKR 250K Rs

The Mehran which is known to be of China is likely to be imported in Pakistan soon. The car is built in a way that it is less expensive. The lower price and same specifications lead to a good combination. The car is known to be the Jaingnan TT. The people can get all the details about the car here.

The car similar to Suzuki Mehran but this car have lot of many other features and also has very cheapest price. The car price will be round about PKR-250,000 and this is a huge difference between Mehran and this car because now a day’s new model of Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan is about 700,000.

Some More Pics

New China Mehran Online Booking

TT Jiangan Price In China and Pakistan

Launch Date and Import In Pakistan

This car is powered by 800cc, 3 cylinder engines and 36 HP. The car has 4 manual gear 1 reverse and 4 forward. Constant price hikes means that you can end up paying over PKR 700,000 after registration for a Mehran and that’s part for the reason the public wants new car manufacturers to enter the Pakistani market. Keep in touch with us and check the latest cars price and updates on this page.

 China Mehran

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