Price of Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan in 2023:

The primary subject of this site is the most recent and new Yamaha Bike Price in Pakistan 2023. Different models with 125cc engines have been introduced in Pakistan by Yamaha Motors Pakistan. The Yamaha YBR 125Z 2023, Yamaha YBR 125, Yamaha YBR 125G, and Yamaha YBR 125Z DX are the four different models of Yamaha bikes that will be available in Pakistan in 2023. While the starting price for a Yamaha bike in Pakistan in 2023 is PKR 293,500 and the highest price is PKR 339,000 for a high-end model.


Price of Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan in 2023 Specification

Price of Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan in 2022:


The price of new Yamaha bike in Pakistan for 2022 is shown in the table below along with specifications, fuel tank capacity, and fuel economy.
125cc, 13L, 50Km/L Yamaha YBR 125Z 2022, PKR 293,500
125cc, 13L, 50 km/h Yamaha YBR 125Z DX 2022PKR 314,500
125cc, 13L, 50Km/L Yamaha YBR 125 2022, PKR 322,500
125cc, 13L, 50Km/L Yamaha YBR 125G 2022, PKR 339,000

Overview of Yamaha Motors:

The company’s founder, Torakusu Yamaha, gave it its name. In 1955, Yamaha Motor Company broke apart from Yamaha Corporation in order to forge their own tradition. In a short period of time, Yamaha rose to become one of the top four two-wheeler producers.
Price of Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan in 2023 Specification

Yamaha originally gained popularity for their 125cc motorbike, and it later advanced to fame by winning racing championships. Today, Yamaha continues to be a powerful force in a number of bike racing disciplines. The numerous racing triumphs that Yamaha has achieved have helped to create its global brand.Yamaha bikes have been shipped to Pakistan by DYL Bikes since 1976. Yamaha Pakistan and the Dawood Group of Companies collaborated on it. In 2015, Yamaha motorcycles Pvt. Limited was created when the company was able to resolve its differences with the Pakistani government about investment regulations.

In Pakistan, Yamaha is renowned for its dependability and agility. Yamaha introduced the YD 100 model more than three decades ago, and Pakistanis continue to appreciate it today. Yamaha now sells the YBR 125, YBR 125G, and YBR 125Z models. There is a huge influx of Chinese motorcycles in Pakistan, thus it is expected that Yamaha Pakistan would soon offer new models.

This blog main focus is all about the latest and new Yamaha Bike Price in Pakistan 2023. Yamaha Motors Pakistan has launched different models in Pakistan with 125cc engine. There are four different variants of Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan 2023 which are Yamaha YBR 125Z 2023, Yamaha YBR 125 2023, Yamaha YBR 125G 2023, and Yamaha YBR 125Z DX 2023. While Yamaha Bike Price in Pakistan 2023 start from PKR 293,500 and goes up to PKR 339,000 for high end model.

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