Panasonic Split Air Conditioner with Inverter CUS-18PKH works intelligently to adapt your lifestyle and optimize maximum energy savings. We are providing our all users the initial details about All New Models AC by Panasonic Cooling Machine DC Solar Thermal Power.

Panasonic AC Air Conditioner Specifications Images with Price Power Wattage

Panasonic AC Air Conditioner Specifications Images with Price Power WattageAll New Panasonic AC Models

  • CS-KC12PKY
  • CS-KC18PKY
  • CS-KC24PKY
  • CS-TC12PKY
  • CS-S12PKY
  • CS-TC18PKY
  • CS-TC24PKY
  • CS-S18PKY
  • CS-YS12PKY
  • CS-S24PKY
  • CS-YS18PKY
  • CS-YC12PKY
  • CS-YS24PKY
  • CS-YC12PKY-2
  • CS-UC24PKY
  • CS-UC24PKY-H
  • CS-UC24PKY-N
  • CS-UC24PKY-T
  • CS-YC12PKY-H
  • CS-YC12PKY-N
  • CS-YC12PKY-T
  • CS-YC12PKY-S
  • CS-UA12PKY
  • CS-UA18PKY
  • CS-YC18PKY
  • CS-YC18PKY-2
  • CS-K18NKY
  • CS-YC24PKY
  • CS-UC12PKY-H
  • CS-YC18PKY-H
  • CS-UC12PKY-N
  • CS-UC12PKY-T
  • CS-UC18PKY-2
  • CS-YC24PKY-2
  • CS-YC18PKY-N
  • CS-YC24PKY-H
  • CS-K24NKY
  • CS-UC18PKY

Economic and inverter intelligently works together adapting the way you live and optimizing operation accordingly to save energy. Panasonic all new models It detects unconscious waste of energy using the human activity sensor and sunlight sensors.

It is an inverter air conditioner that gives you exceptional energy saving performance while ensuring you stay comfortable at all times. Imagine an AC that cools faster, purifies air and looks stylish as well. Panasonic smartly puts together all of these features and more in their latest range of air conditioners. Keep visiting this page to check the latest AC price here on this page.

Panasonic AC Air Conditioner

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